Fast and safe transportation is a key element in today's busy society. Over the years, it has facilitated migration, expanded tourism, and became ever-present in daily life. Since the dawn of the new millennium, our company has been providing state of the art transport services and vehicles to meet every person, group, and occasion's needs. Excellence and first-class services define our entire work process. We always strive to improve every aspect of passenger transport, so that our clients are happy with both price and service.

We know that our customers need to reach the desired destination either in the Republic of Moldova, Europe, or the CIS countries - in the fastest, safest, and most comfortable way! Thus, we are committed to fulfilling these promises and satisfying even the most select needs. We have the experience, the skilled staff, and the high-end technology to deliver a premium experience.

Trust, safety, and comfort. These three core values describe the way we carry out our activity daily. We invest in customer services and constantly expand our car fleet with the latest, high-quality vehicles. We carefully hire only the most skilled drivers and further train them in essentials such as technical measures, customer service, confidentiality, and safety.

A passenger transport service without a highly-trained staff to drive safely and respond to customer requests can't provide a truly exceptional experience. That's why we continuously improve our team of professional technicians, drivers, managers, dispatchers, and doctors. Your safety is of paramount importance to us, and for that reason, we always have a technician on standby to swiftly solve any unforeseen issue.


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Before each trip, we thoroughly inspect our vehicles to ensure they're perfectly ready and shiny clean to hit the road. We cater to every client's unique needs by delivering holistic transport services. You will appreciate our comfortable and silent cars, the driver's discretion, as well as unlimited assistance.

Our common goal is to organize and provide high-class transportation at an affordable price. We treat each client individually, prioritizing efficient communication, quality, and comfort.

Our mission
We work hard every day to provide excellent services at a reasonable price. Our skillful employees are the most valuable asset, and we're on a permanent quest to improve them through training and team-building events. We aim to expand our car fleet with the last generation vehicles and use high-end logistic technologies to keep our clients always satisfied.

We have consolidated our position of industry leaders on four fundamental pillars:

• Own fleet of the newest and best-performing cars.
• Reliable partnerships with our customers.
• Vast experience and expertise.
• Immaculate record of arriving on time at your destination.
Social proof

We have:
• Over 20,000 km. covered
• Over 80,000 hours spent transporting passengers
• Over 20 successful partnerships
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